Heroes of The Farm

Sandy, Oregon

"Since adding Big Foot Concentrate Mycorrhizae to our plant regimen we have noticed an improved state of health in our plants immediately following transplant. Expected transplant shock is minimized, allowing our plants to thrive to their full potential. In our established plants, we have seen vast improvement in the health of the root systems, as well as overall increased plant vigor. It is rare that you see immediate improvement when using mycorrhizae products so it was exciting to see such quick response and results." - Heroes of The Farm, Sandy, Oregon @heroesofthefarm


Blue Truck Farms

Grants Pass, Oregon

"All of us at Blue Truck Farms absolutely love Big Foot myco within all phases of cannabis growth. We have found substantially better root production compared to previously used mycorrhizae plus overall plant health and yields have increased. You also have some great guys running the company doing their best to keep things affordable and accessible to the grow community. We look forward to doing a lot more business with Big Foot at each of our farms." - Blue Truck Farms, Grants Pass, Oregon @bluetruckfarms


Butte Creek Farms

Eagle Point, Oregon

"I use Big Foot on a routine basis. I dip all my roots in the concentrate blend mixed with water before putting into a growing medium. I also put the granular blend in the soil before transplanting. You can never have enough mycorrhizae. I have had astonishing results using Big Foot." - Tyler Lennick, President of Butte Creek Farms/ Dab Town USA @buttecreekfarms @dabtownusa



Pinnacle Organics LLC.

Roseburg, Oregon

"Big Foot is one of the key components in our gardens. On an everyday basis Big Foot assists us in creating an environment in our soil that ensures our plant's roots are able to form a symbiotic bond with mycorrhizae fungi, thus ensuring that our plants are able to access and absorb vital nutrients- presenting them the best opportunity to thrive and reward the farmer. Our team has been using other products with varying degrees of satisfaction, but after witnessing the results firsthand in comparison, it's evident that Big Foot is going to be a staple in our soil building in the future." - Pinnacle Organics, Roseburg, Oregon @pinnacleorganicsllc


Gnome Grown Organics

Canby, Oregon

"After experimenting with a number of mycorrhizae products over the years and often questioning the benefit per cost, we decided to give the Big Foot products a try. The results have been nothing short of exceptional. No question in cost benefit with these next level formulations. "

- Gnome Grown Organics, Canby, Oregon @gnomegrownorganics


PigFarm Botanicals

Sandy, Oregon

"After the 1st transplant, I'm hooked on Big Foot! Haven't seen a myco product work this good in years! It feels like I went back to the early 2000's before the myco game got played in every direction." - PigFarm Botanicals, Sandy, Oregon @ommppigfarmer


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