An organic company with organic roots.

The American Root Company was created with a very simple and organic idea; provide the world’s most superior mycorrhizae products at an affordable cost to the consumer.


A friendship that started in grade school between our owner Zack Amaranthus and Vice President Dan Mecum, this dream has been in the works for many years. Mycorrhizae has been a major part of both of their lives since they were kids. Zacks father, Dr. Mike, is one of the world’s leading experts in mycorrhizae and often took the two of them on truffle hunting trips. On the trips Dr. Mike would educate the two boys on the amazing benefits of mycorrhizae and how it can change the world they live in.


In 2003, Zack and Dan teamed up on their senior project in high school and planted thousands of saplings in a nearby forest destroyed by wildfire. Partnered with the US Forest Service, they planted the saplings and applied mycorrhizae to ensure the saplings success. The results were remarkable and inspired the two boys.



“Seeing the affect our senior project had on the local environment changed me. Today, the saplings and surrounding vegetation are thriving. Without chemicals, without heavy machinery, without adding anything harmful to an already vulnerable situation, we were able to reestablish something that was once majestic back to its former self organically.” – Dan



Last year, we purchased another location for research and development. It is here that our expertise and experience are put on display. We worked vigorously with a number of recipes for our retail line. We left no stone unturned at “the property” and this is where we developed Big Foot and are currently working on our next run of mycorrhizal products.


With the popularity and demand drastically increasing, we are able to provide beneficial, high performing, organic products at an affordable price. We have kept overhead costs extremely low and are able to pass the savings onto our customers while keeping our core beliefs intact. From packaging with recyclable bags, to sourcing ingredient manufacturers close in proximity we are able to lower costs and minimize our carbon footprint without sacrificing the quality of our product. The idea is simple.


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